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Tactical USA Flag Patch with Detachable Backing

Tactical USA Flag Patch with Detachable Backing

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Tactical USA Flag Patch with Detachable Backing




Tactical USA Flag Patch with Detachable Backing


Our reversible American Flag tactical patches allow you to swap flag colors to match the surroundings or to switch with other similar-sized patches you want to display. A removable patch allows you to wash the clothing without having to wash the patch itself. This keeps the colors brighter longer and makes the actual patch last longer.


The backing is sew-on, allowing you to attach it to any wearable clothing, uniform, backpack, or duffel bag, or craft project. If you can pass a needle through it you can definitely put one of our patches on it! These detachable patches are sure to stay in place regardless of activity. These morale-boosting patches are a way to display pride in-country or get flags with the standard American flag colors or in colors that match your camo. 



- Detachable backing allows easy attachment to molle bags, operator caps, backpacks, and uniform

- Top Quality American Flag Patch with Detailed Embroidery

- ATACS Pattern Match - Sized 2" x 3"

- Can be used with Condor, Tru-Spec, and other Operator / Contractor Caps

- Fit to Sew on Most of Your Favorite Garments. Make your Clothes More Presentable with Beautiful Stars and Stripes! 

- Instructions for Use:

- Peel off the flag’s detachable backing strip

- Sew the detachable backing strip on whatever item of clothing, bag, etc, that you would like to attach the flag to

- Once the detachable backing strip is sewn onto the material, stick the flag onto the sewn-on detachable backing strip (the flag and the strip are hook&loop and will automatically stick together)


If the item of clothing or bag you want to attach the flag to already has a hook&loop strip on it, simply stick the flag directly onto the hook&loop strip


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