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Standpoint Compression Long Socks In 2 Paks Legwear For Healthy Lifestyle

Standpoint Compression Long Socks In 2 Paks Legwear For Healthy Lifestyle

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On your feet all day? Having cramps? Wear these long compression socks!

When leading a hectic lifestyle takes a toll on your legs and feet; you need to protect yourself from the sourness of muscles and that's where these compression socks come in and play an important role. Even while you are active on the trail; the sleeve of this legwear comes in handy to keep away the dirt and scratches from things like poison ivy. Besides; it also makes you look cool and give the much-needed warmth when you are out and about. The surgeons always recommend compression socks after a surgery and for a good reason. If one wears them faithfully; they are proven to help with the swelling of feet; blood clots; and varicose veins too; as the compression improves blood circulation; preventing any blood pooling in legs and feet. Wear these socks; elevate your legs whenever you can and ease calf strains and other aches and pains quickly.  

Wear compression socks with a Standpoint to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle...


  • These are knee-high socks and are made of 75% Polyester.
  • They have Diamond pattern on them and you get 2 pairs with one order.
  • They are 45*38*18cm in size and weigh 52g.
  • They come in Grey and Black.
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