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Sonic Electric Dental Plaque Remover

Sonic Electric Dental Plaque Remover

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100% Safe to Use: Only when contacting with teeth, glass, and other hard objects, the ultrasonic will work. Contact with soft tissues such as gums will not work at all and there will be no pain!

Clean Teeth At Home: This professional teeth cleaning kit is an effective and practical solution that provides complete home dental care, without expensive visits to the dentist.

Sonic Technology: The vibration frequency can reach 2 million times per minute. Effortless crush stubborn calculus, hard tartar, and coffee or smoke stains. Unlike motor vibration, the handle will not vibrate and also without working sound.

What’s Inside: 1 plaque remover, 2 removable cleaning heads, 1 wrench to disassemble the heads, 1 mirror for observation, 1 USB cable, and 1 detailed instruction.




What can the remover do?

1. Excellent teeth cleaning effect.
2. Effective removal of plaque/ tartar / tobacco stains / coffee stains, etc.
3. Maintain oral health and fresh breath every day.
4. Made of medical alloy steel and food-grade silicone, safe to use.
5. It takes less money and time than cleaning your teeth in a dental clinic.
6. IPX7 waterproof, easy to clean.


How to charge?

There may be insufficient power during the first use with the charging indicator flashing red, and it needs to be charged before use. The indicator light flashes green when charging, and it’s always green when fully charged.

Power on: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn it on.

Switchgear: Lightly press the button to switch between comfort, strong and soft modes.

Shutdown: Long press the button for 3 seconds to shut it down and the indicator light goes out.


How to maintain it?

Please check the machine regularly.

1. Check whether the contacts of the power supply and output lines are loose, overheated, damp, or have poor contact.

2. Keep the working and storage places of the equipment ventilated, dry, and clean, which is conducive to the long-term use of the equipment.

3. Please turn off the power after work.

4. Store it in a cool and dry place.



1. Please place the machine and accessories out of the reach of children;
2. Do not disassemble it yourself. It contains electronic components and cannot be microwaved or sterilized at high temperature;
3. If you don’t use the machine after starting, it may generate heat. Please turn it off.

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