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Privilege Pashmina Shawls With Fringe Benefits

Privilege Pashmina Shawls With Fringe Benefits

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Celebrate who you are with the Privilege Pashmina Shawls..

Awesome softness of these shawls make you feel precious; beautiful colors make you look beautiful and the breezy fringe at the border creates a playful silhouette which is an added bonus.. What a privilege to have this shawl on your shoulder that drapes gracefully and expresses every bit of what you love ..

Wear this Privilege and receive the admiration;  appreciation and affection of your family and friends; it's your true Privilege..! 


  • It is made with most luxurious Pashmina yarn created with softest Cashmere; Wool and Silk blend.
  • It measures 54 inches Wide and 24 inches Long.
  • The breezy fringes also add playfulness to the shawls.
  • It comes in 20 beautiful and festive colors that welcome the holiday season whole-heartedly.
  • Great for gift giving; as stocking stuffers. Get more in all of your favorite colors; each sold individually.


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