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Prismo Winter Warmer Multi-Color Socks

Prismo Winter Warmer Multi-Color Socks

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Bold bands of vibrant colors make these leg warmers so hot in cool weather..

Wear your neutral lounge and sleep-wear with just a dash and a splash of attractive colors of the Prismo and take your lounging to whole another level of happy.. Be playful and get creative by wearing them up-side down and down-side up for fun combinations.. 

Get into a relaxed holiday mood with Prismo.. 


  • They are made from 90% Acrylic warm knit.
  • Wear any which way;  up-side down and down-side up for fun combinations that go with your outfit.
  • They have 2 decorative buttons on side.
  • They measure 19" Long and 6 "Wide and super stretchable.
  • Select from the vibrant pair of combos in Golden;  Black and Pink colors.
  • Great for lounging with family and friends and stocking stuffers.


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