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Muwago Shoulder Surgery Pillow, Rotator Cuff Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Post Surgery Pillow for Sleeping or Sitting, Ergonomic Pillow for Neck and Shoulder, Soft Side Sleeper Support Pillow

Muwago Shoulder Surgery Pillow, Rotator Cuff Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Post Surgery Pillow for Sleeping or Sitting, Ergonomic Pillow for Neck and Shoulder, Soft Side Sleeper Support Pillow

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Innovative Design: The innovative shoulder pillow is ideal for recovering rotator cuff tears and bicep injuries. The detachable and adjustable sling allows you to easily adjust the pillow position and find a suitable support level to relieve the pressure on your arms and shoulders, it will be your good recovery partner.

Ergonomic Pillow Side Sleeper: This post surgery pillow is specially designed for patients with shoulder injuries. It is soft and fluffy enough to support your arms and shoulders well, allowing you to stay comfortable and relax when you sleep on your side, sit up, or lie on your back, relieve the shoulder pain and speed up recovery.

High Quality & Stuffed: This high-quality pillow is filled with plenty of soft polyester to ensure you stay comfortable and shoulder pain relief during your recovery. In addition, the non-slip and adjustable shoulder pads can help you better fix the shoulder pillow, and the precision sewing ensures the durability of the pillow, so you can buy it with confidence.

Easy to clean and Care: This post surgery shoulder pillow is machine washable. The stuffing and the pillowcase are detachable, you only need to unzip the zipper, take out the stuffing, and put the pillowcase in the washing machine for cleaning, which is easy, time-saving and very convenient.

After Shoulder Surgery Gifts: This shoulder pillow can relieve neck and shoulder pain and help after surgery recovery, whether you give it as a gift to family or friends or use it yourself, it is a good choice. It will be a very thoughtful and functional post surgery pillow.




Muwago shoulder survey pillow

The Best Shoulder Pillow

The pain after shoulder surgery can be excruciating, can disrupt sleep, and patients often can't find support, which can make the recovery process longer and more painful. This innovative post-op pillow allows you to better support your shoulder while sitting, lying down, or even standing, speeding up your rotator cuff recovery process. Let you no longer suffer from pain, can sleep easily, recovery process is more comfortable and convenient.




Innovative Design

Our unique wing shape fits your armpits, allowing it to rise slightly and relieve pressure on the rotator cuff. The straps and pads on this ergonomic pillow are adjustable, allowing you to easily adjust the padding to find the right level of support while sitting or sleeping.

Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Shoulder pain keeping you up at night? Use this frozen shoulder pillow to stabilize your arms and shoulders, support your neck, and relieve joint discomfort. So you can sleep better and heal faster!

A Comfortable and Relaxing Companion

Gently rest your arms on the pillow and adjust the shoulder straps and shoulder pads to a position you find comfortable. In this way, you can better relax your rotator cuff and relieve neck and shoulder pain in your daily life, whether you are watching TV or phone, or sleeping and resting.


Soft and Flexible

Our shoulder pillows are filled with lots of polyester to support your arms and shoulders. Flexible fillers make sure you stay comfortable with your recovery, help ease shoulder pain, and protect sensitive areas while you sleep.

High Quality & Machine Washable

This shoulder pillow cover is made of high quality fabric. The pillowcase can be removable, unzip the pillow, remove the filler, put the pillowcase into the washing machine, simple and convenient.

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