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Mini Fiery 100 Lights Shine Like Firebugs With Solar Power

Mini Fiery 100 Lights Shine Like Firebugs With Solar Power

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These Mini Fiery Lights that shine like firebugs..

Put the shine in little jars or bottles and light up the whole area .. Use it as a centerpiece for your table and you can illuminate the whole room with just 100 lights.  The lights are of warm yellow color representing a lighted candle effect or Multi-Color for the Festive effect and Bright White Clear for a Snow Effect. Wrap them around the plants; trees and turn them on for 5 to 8 hours a day and will recharge again in the daytime with its solar panel and store the power to use again at night. 

Get into the festive spirit with Mini Fiery 100 Lights that Shine Like Firebugs With Solar Power.


    • You get 1 string; each string has 100 lights and each string is approx 40ft long. 
    • Auto On at night and Off in daylight with photocell built-in.
    • The lights have an On and Off button as well.
    • Completely safe and Waterproof.
    • It can be used indoors and outdoors. 
    • It has Solar panels that charge the batteries to be sure it gets plenty of sunlight outdoors or indoors. 
    • Great for gift giving for weddings and Christmas.


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