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Hitch Mount Bike Rack, Heavy Weight Capacity Car Bike Rack 2'' Receiver for Standard,

Hitch Mount Bike Rack, Heavy Weight Capacity Car Bike Rack 2'' Receiver for Standard,

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Hitch Mount Bike Rack

2-Bike Rack Smart Tilting 66 lbs Heavy Weight Capacity for Standard



Insert the side supports into the DANTER connector brackets and secure,

M Plate with 1/2' Bolt, 1/2' WA CE 1/2' Lock Nut,

Be careful not to tighten too much as the support of the Ashid will be centered around this.

Next, lock the rod in place with the tab pin

Insert the center support rod into the center joint bracket and lock it in place with 1/2' bolts

Secure the hook tube into the center joint bracket

Same method, using 3/8' bolts, 38' washers, 3/8' fasten the screw nut


[Durable Material] - Made of heavy duty reinforced steel, with a load capacity of 77 lbs per bike and a maximum tire width of 3.1 inches, this great 2 bike model has a maximum total load of 154 lbs.

[2" Hitch Receiver] - Only fits vehicles equipped with 2" receiver, the rack is strong and not easy to shake. Most parts come pre-assembled for easy installation. Parts include instruction manual and hardware.

[High Security] - Equipped with padded hooks to keep your bike in place without shaking and scratching the paint. Use the hitch tensioner to slide down on the vertical frame to accommodate different size bike frames for safety.

[Overload Warning] - When mounted in the rear of an RV, capacity must not exceed 154 lbs. Do not use this bike rack to transport or carry items or materials other than bicycles.

[Compatible with] - Compatible with standard, fat tire and electric bikes. The installation platform style is suitable for SUV, RV, CAR, PICU-UP TRUCK models.



4 Bikes

Bike Rack for Car- 4 Bikes

This Bike Rack for Car offers a robust platform-style design, supporting up to 154 lbs. of weight for 4 bikes. Easy to install on cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans with a 2" hitch receiver, it ensures secure and stable bike transportation.


[Durable Construction for Heavy Duty Use] Built with reinforced steel, this bike rack boasts exceptional strength and stability. It can securely hold up to 39.5 lbs per bike, with a maximum total load capacity of 154 lbs, making it the perfect choice for carrying multiple bicycles safely.

[Universal Compatibility & Convenient Installation] This bike rack is specifically designed for vehicles with a 2" hitch receiver, ensuring a secure and shake-free fit. It arrives with most parts pre-assembled for hassle-free setup. The package includes a comprehensive instruction manual and all necessary hardware for a smooth installation process.

[Ultimate Safety for Your Bike] Our bike rack is equipped with padded hooks that provide a secure hold, preventing your bike from shaking or scratching the paint. This ensures both the safety of your bike and the protection of your vehicle's finish.

[Overload Protection for Safe Travel] When mounted on the rear of an RV, this bike rack's total load capacity is limited to 158 lbs. For safety reasons, please refrain from using it to transport items or materials other than bicycles. Adhere to this weight limit to ensure a smooth and secure journey.

[Universal Compatibility] This bike rack seamlessly fits standard, fat tire, and electric bicycles, making it a versatile choice for any cyclist. The installation platform style is tailored to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, RVs, cars, and pickup trucks. Enjoy the convenience of a one-size-fits-all solution for your biking needs.


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