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Cornucopia Aromatherapy And Humidifier For Fresh Feeling Anytime

Cornucopia Aromatherapy And Humidifier For Fresh Feeling Anytime

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Cornucopia Aromatherapy and Humidifier for Fresh Feeling anytime...  

The shape of the Humidifier makes it easy to point the mist to the area you need it the most and that is towards you. Easy mood lighting and simple to operate. Turn lights off or on and turn mist off or on. Powered with a USB cord so it can sit on your desk or just about anywhere even in your car. Ultrasonic quiet operation and with LED lights that dim and brighten to set the mood... Just fill it with water and add few drops of essential oil on the plate and you are set to enjoy the aromatherapy and humidifier...

Let this cornucopia provide you a fresh feeling in abundance!


  • Made from Tough ABS and PP plastic.
  • Size: Approx 10" tall and 6" wide.
  • The mood light changes to a rainbow of colors that shines through.
  • Safe to operate; when water is over it automatically shuts off.
  • It comes in White; the picture shows rainbow full of colors shining through due to mood lighting feature.
  • Great for gift giving as well.


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