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Tattoo Kit w/ 40ink

Tattoo Kit w/ 40ink

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  • Complete kit with disposal supplies; perfect for apprentice and home visiting business

  • Affordable professional collection; suitable for all level tattoo artist and starters

  • 4pcs professional Tattoo Gun; which can be set for both liner & shader


  • We kindly remind you that the ink included in this set is only for using on Practice Skin.

  • Please read the tattoo safety instruction carefully before tattooing.

  • Beginners should practice under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist.

  • It's a must to conduct a skin allergy test for your clients for any ink you would use on their skins before tattooing to avoid skin allergy.

  • Please sterilize the tattoo needle and other equipment completely before tattooing in case of infection.

  • Tattooing requires breaking the skin barrier; thus it may carry health risks resulting from improper operation; including infection; allergic reactions or other complications; for which our company will not be responsible.

Package Contents:

  • 4x professional Tattoo Gun

  • 1x Foot Switch

  • 1x Top-quality Power Supply System

  • 1x Top-quality Clip Cord with spring neck

  • 1x Middle size Stainless steel Grip

  • 1x Large size aluminum silver Grip

  • 9x Disposable tips matching with needles (4 for round needles; 5 for magnum/flat needles)

  • 20x High-quality premade sterile tattoo needles (3RL/3RS/5RL/5RS 5pcs each size)

  • 40x Bottles of 5ml Ink for Practice Skin (Blue sky; Rose Pink; Carol's Pink; Platinum; Bright Red; Fuschia; Dragon Green; Dark Brown; Cherry Bomb; Grass-hopper; Tangerine; Aubergine; Skin Tone; Peach; Lime Green; Co-Co; Mario's Blue; Silver; Light Magenta; Dark Purple; Light Green; Grape; Bahama Blue; Light Purple; True Black; Bright Orange; Light Brown; Golden Yellow; Medium Brown; Lemon Yellow; Banana Cream; Seafoam Green; Mario's Light Blue; Dark Red; Snow White Mixing; Baby Blue; Dark Chocolate; Mustard; Orange Creamsicle; Snow White Opaque)

  • 1x Ink Holder

  • 100x Ink Cups (50 large size and 50 small size)

  • 50x Grommets

  • 50x Rubber Bands

  • 50x Rubber Rings

  • 1x Blank Practice Skin

  • 2x Transfer Papers

  • 2x Medical anti-scar Ointment

  • 1x Sets of adjust Tools

  • 2x Pairs of disposable Gloves

  • 1x Set of tips cleaning Kit

  • 1x Electronic user Instruction VCD in English version

  • 1x User Manual

  • 1x Marker

  • 1x Shaver


  • Use for Practice Skin Only

Notes: Attention: Ebay MAP:$49.9; Other platform MAP: $56.9.

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