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Material: ABS + steel needle 

Battery capacity: 800 mAH 3.7 V 

Input current: 5 V / 1 a 

Output power: Max5W Product 

size: 175x28mm Product 

weight: 78g 

Package size: 194x124x35mm 

Weight Package: 225g 

Graphite crucible mini furnace gold torch metal melting: 

Fine needle * 10 

Thick needle (additional needle guard included) * 3 

User manual * 1 

Wireless charging base * 1 

USB cable * 1


How to use: 

1 mount the needle: clean the needle and skin with alcohol; Screw the thick needle into the hole of the tip directly clockwise; while for the fine needle; insert it into the needle guard first and then thread it into the hole of the tip in the direction of clockwise. 

2 power button: Press "ON / OFF" so that 2 s turns on / off. The display shows the remaining power capacity; automatically turns off without any operation in 10 minutes

3 point removal: press the power button to adjust the gear from 1 to 6; the green indicator is on when you press the operation button and hold it for pruning; keep the pen at a slight angle; Sweep gently back and forth With a small force; Carbonization cannot remain in one place for a long time. Release the work button to stop working. 

4 LED spotlight: When it turns on; double click "ON / OFF" to turn on / off the spotlight.

5 charging: use the 5 V / 1 A power adapter (prepared by the customer) to connect the USB cable and the wireless charging base; place the pen charging connector on the charging base to charge; the indicator Green flashes under normal charge and keeps green when fully charged (needs 8 hours); do not charge the device during operation


needle : 1. The fine needle must be installed with a variety of needles. 

2. The thick needle can be installed directly.


1 Before using the device on your own skin; practice on pigskin until you are familiar with it. 

2 According to your pain tolerance and the location of the operating body; consider applying topical numbing cream before treatment.It is normal to feel a burning smell during the procedure. 

3 Do not clean the affected area with a strong alkaline wash or scrub; simple care is fine; during the recovery period (1 to 3 months); do not eat spicy food; maintain a healthy lifestyle .. 

4 DO NOT treat a large area (more than 2-3 cm) in a single session; since large wounds increase the risk of infection and the possibility of blood. It is recommended to divide the darkest region into four or five operations.

5 do not scratch the scab with the hands when itching due to the period of growth of the tender meat; the cost will peel only from 20 to 30 days. 

6. It is better to wear dry-insulated gloves during operation;  

7. Remove the needle immediately after use; clean and disinfect; and then keep dry. 

8. Do not wash the device in water. 

9 Do not use while charging; when out of service for a long period; it should be stored in a dry and cold place and charged once every three months to keep the battery life 

10. Keep away from children; people who do not know The operation and pets.

11 elderly; children; pregnant women; people with heart problems and people sensitive to fear should be careful to use the device

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