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Firm Back Seat Extender for Dogs, Hard Bottom Dog Car Cover Bed Camping Mat

Firm Back Seat Extender for Dogs, Hard Bottom Dog Car Cover Bed Camping Mat

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Back Seat Extender ,Dog Car Seat Cover, Camping Air Mattress, Hammock Travel Bed,Non Inflatable Car Bed Mattress for Car SUV Truck (Black)


[Back seat into car bed]The back seat extender for dogs turns all the space in the back seat into a resting space for dogs. The back seat becomes a car bed to make the dog more comfortable on the road.

[Prevent dog falls]During the drive, if the emergency brake or the dog is more mischievous and active, it is easy to fall from the back seat.The car dog travel bed helps you solve this problem.

[Waterproof, non-slip and wear-resistant]Dog car seat cover for back seat is waterproof, easy to clean after getting dirty;dog hammock for car on both sides of the non-slip design,Non inflatable car bed mattress is not easy to move, the dog in the car camping air mattress is not easy to slide; Back seat bed inflatable for car with thicker wear-resistant fabric, so that the truck bed air mattress longer life better quality.

[Universal Fitment]The size of the Car Mattress is 52*25in .First of all, the car seat should have a headrest bar.Car dog travel bed suitable for cars suvs and trucks.

[Easy to install]Open the car travel camping bed and spread it to the back seat of the car.Buckle up the buckle and hang the strap on the car seat headrest pole.

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