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Facial Deep Cleaning Pore Cleaner

Facial Deep Cleaning Pore Cleaner

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 Facial Brush Deep Cleaning Pore Cleaner.

Face Massage Skin Care Waterproof Facial Brush Specifications: Material: plastic Powered by: 2*AA battery(not included)Suitable for: all skins Color: pink ; blue Cleanses 6 x better than your hands One machine to slove multiple skin problems; make your face feel smooth and refreshed 5 Brush Heads Meet Your Different Beauty Needs Polish Accessory/ Make-up Sponge/ Massage Head/ Latex Soft Sponge/ Soft Brush 5 IN 1 EIECTRIC WATERPROOF 2 Speed/ Waterproof/ Deeply clean/ Battery powered 01 Package included: 1 x Face Cleaning Massage1 x Soft brush 1 x Rolling massager1 x Make-up sponge1 x Latex sponge-soft1 x Crude Polish accessory Natural pine production; good texture; and durable To promote the absorption of skin care ingredients; effectively enhance the effectiveness of skin care products Precise radian; perfect fit hand profile Deep clean pores; effectively prevent blackhead; mild exfoliating skin smooth and tender skin color; compact skin; V face lift; compact skin 02 03 Package included: 1 x Facial Cleansing Brush

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