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DIY Drone Building STEM Project For Kids

DIY Drone Building STEM Project For Kids

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Have hyperactive kids at home? Feed their brains with the STEM Project for kids 6 to 10 yrs old. 

Instead of playing video games all the time; encourage your kids to develop a hobby that is an extension of gaming. It will not only enhance their hands-on practical skills but also encourage them to go outdoors and play in the sunshine. The UAV technology is on the rise and people are using drones for photography; it is only wiser to make your kids aware of the aerial stuff while having fun. This will make them innovative and who knows; it may become their career choice.

Why wait for their next birthday; give them their first drone this holiday season that they can build themselves and feel proud of their achievement!
  • All included building a real flying drone.
  • Step by Step instructions.
  • Build our design or make your own.
  • STEM learning.
  • Teaches aerodynamics and load balancing.
  • Remote Control included
  • Compatible with all major building block brands.
  • 360 stunt flips. 
  • Fun to build and feel proud of building a flying machine.
  • Multiple configurations.
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