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Chords outside the bosom (Bluetooth + storage), nourishing the spirit, waking the brain, nourishing the ear (player), fragrant nourishing the nose, eliminating fatigue

Chords outside the bosom (Bluetooth + storage), nourishing the spirit, waking the brain, nourishing the ear (player), fragrant nourishing the nose, eliminating fatigue

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Fragrance: fragrant nourishing the nose, eliminate fatigue, nourishing the mind and health

Music: sweet nourishing ears, relax the mind, psychological feelings

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The ware is carved in ancient ways and exquisite Classical and fine craftsmanship boutique Modern Social classic gifts

Nourishing the mind, nourishing the ear, Relax the mind, psychological feelings, Craft boutique, classic gift,





SKU:PS0209. External consonant (Bluetooth + storage), nourishing the spirit, psychological feeling, waking the brain and refreshing the spirit, pleasing the ear (player), fragrant and nourishing the nose, eliminating fatigue and soothing mood

Material: North American walnut, electronic accessories, sandalwood, alloy

Design features:

Guqin, as a representative of classical culture and art that can cultivate sentiments, is not incompatible with modern life and technological progress. We put incense into the guqin itself, sound. The design is based on Guqin and Xiangdao culture, which have experienced thousands of years of history and have profound cultural heritage.

With a unique craft, the specific form of the guqin: "arch like the sky, under the tan such as flat land, in the han Taixu, belly of the pond, such as mountains, emblem like the stars, heaven and earth are prepared" detailed carved out. Show the rhythmic beauty of its lines.

With sandalwood as the material, its wood is hard and immortal, showing the rich historical sense of wood color itself.

The Guqin body is beautiful and elegant, combined with the natural environment of the melody, and extends the incense pattern with the body itself.

With modern technology as innovation, built-in storage card, you can store your favorite music, but also set the Bluetooth mode can be connected, you can connect the mobile phone to play music at any time.

Guqin bottom hidden design Tibetan incense space, easy to use, abandon the redundant packaging cumbersome.

Equipped with piano case design, can be placed landscape, the artistic conception of piano chess poetry and painting readily come.

Implication/moderation/charm. The fine wood gives birth to the forest, and the Yao qin leaves the heart. A play of ancient music a play today, today is far away.

Bookcase base, flower decoration configuration (and embedded magnets to prevent shaking and falling), according to personal preferences of creative modeling of micro-landscape.

Commodity function

Fragrance: fragrance nourishes the nose, eliminates fatigue, and keeps the spirit healthy

Music: pleasant to the ear, relax the mind, psychological feelings

Applicable place

Office: Refresh your mind and let you get into work faster

Home: clean home, relax and relax

Can be placed in the living room, family and friends gather to relax

Can be placed in the study, taste the fragrance and enjoy reading

Tea table: incense, tea and music, refreshing the heart, in slow and quiet with three or two friends steal a floating life half a day of leisure.

Club: adjust mood, relieve mood, create atmosphere

Product specifications: Chord-outside Zhiyin point incense player, Guqin case base, Singapore water sink, USB data cable, incense needle

Custom description: Product wood engraving, packaging and printing


Product size: 40*230*29mm

Packing size :376*120*59mm

Packing weight: KG

Packing size :515*412*345mm

Packing quantity :20PCS

Gross weight: KG

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