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Anti-Aging Moisturizer Platinum Deluxe®

Anti-Aging Moisturizer Platinum Deluxe®

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Product Type: Moisturizer

Ingredients: Natural

Usage: External

Removes: Age sign

Features: Wrinkle Removal


Brand:Platinum Deluxe®



This Anti-aging moisturizer from Platinum Deluxe was specially formulated to soften and smooth ageing skin. It creates a glowing, luminescent complexion while delivering necessary moisture and hydration to parched cells. Key ingredients including natural material Platinum boost radiance and help your skin retain its natural moisture to promote a youthful glow. By penetrating the surface of the skin, this Anti-aging Moisturizer delivers deep, intense hydration. Use our Anti-aging Moisturiser daily for the best result. 


Our Platinum Deluxe Anti-Aging Moisturizer Cream with Hyaluronic Acid supports cell renewal, boosting elasticity & skin radiance. The ingredients work in harmony, reducing the signs of age for a younger-looking face. From the Black Diamond Collection, this unctuous cream is velvety and melting, dehydrates the epidermis, and regenerates the skin’s hydration barrier.  When applied regularly, this Anti-aging Moisturizer cream reduces the appearance of aging skin and revitalizes with much-needed moisture.  


Wash skin first. Apply a small amount of cream to the affected areas. Message well into the skin. Let dry before putting on clothing. This Platinum Deluxe Moisturizer can be applied up to four times per day. Morning or evening, apply to the face and neck. Our wrinkle cream for women is Made in the USA, according to the strict American Laws. All ingredients are Organic, non-GMO & Gluten-free! Not tested on animals!

Benefits: This Product removes Fine lines, Wrinkles, Loss of Elasticity, Loss of Firmness, Poor skin tone, Lack of vibrancy, Poor skin texture, hyperpigmentation, Age spots, Oily Skin, Clogged Pores, Enlarged pores.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.


Product Type: 

MoisturizerIngredients: NaturalUsage: ExternalRemoves: Age signFeatures: Wrinkle RemovalPlatinum Delux is highly committed to our customers, we stand behind our products and customers. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy each and every customer, from the moment you purchase our products throughout its lifetime.

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