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ANLAN ultrasonic SKIN cleanser

ANLAN ultrasonic SKIN cleanser

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1. Simple; ultrasonic; +/- ion; multifunction pad operation interface. 


2. Ultrasonic vibration of 28000 times per second with gentle heating;  


3. Promotes blood circulation; accelerating the speed of the skin cell 


4. Softens the old keratin; restores skin elasticity and causes the skin to tighten and be gentle 


5 Metal touch sensor strip on both sides; when in use; your hands should hold the touch sensor on both sides; then the ion function can work. 


6 ultrasonic + positive ion: deep cleansing of the skin; removal of dirt; excessive fat; melanin; cutin and pimple!


Ultrasonic + negative ion: leader in nutrition; improves skin tone; reduces wrinkles and bleaches the skin. 


7. Massage: massage and eliminate wrinkles; firm and lift the skin.



Material: ABS + stainless steel

Input: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz

Output: 5V 1A

Power: 5 W

Battery: 3.7V 500mAh battery

Charging time: 2 hours

Use time: 1 hour

White color

Size: 17.5x4.5x1.5 cm (length x width x thickness)


Package content:

Skin scrubber * 1

USB cable * 1

User Manual * 1



1 Do not use this device around the eyes; damaged skin; dermatitis caused by cosmetics; inflated parts of acne; or remodeling parts

2 This device will have a low noise due to ultrasonic vibration; which is a normal phenomenon; please feel free to use.

3 Remember that this device should be used with skin cream or liquid; you can not use it in dry conditions.

4. Children; pregnant women and patients with severe heart disease cannot use this device.

5 Keep your hands dry when using this device; otherwise; the power supply may have short circuits.

6. After use; clean the probe with a dry cloth and disinfect the alcohol.

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