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Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror 2 PC Set

Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror 2 PC Set

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Blind Spots Mirror


Reduce Blind Spots and Drive More Safely

Improve your awareness on the road with a 2-pack of Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors. These easy-to-install mirrors attach to your existing side mirrors and provide a wider viewing angle, helping you see vehicles in your blind spots.

Enhanced Visibility: Reduce blind spots and see more of the traffic around you. Easy Installation: Simply attach the mirrors to your side mirrors for a quick and secure fit. Peace of Mind: Drive with more confidence knowing you have a clearer view of the road.

Upgrade your car with Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors today!



Material: Glass


Purpose: Rearview Mirror


Dimensions: Diameter 50mm,


Thickness 12mm,


Outer Diameter 58mm


Color: Black, White, Silver


Quantity: 2pcs

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